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Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor

Usually played as Mid

Counter spells

Best counter items

  • All
  • Top
  • Mid
  • Jungle
  • Adc
  • Support
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How does it work ?


Every player acquires knowledge when playing League of Legends. Here this experience can be shared by voting for the champions that are strong or weak against the champion selected. You can also add new champions as the roaster grows and the meta evolves. This is an evolving and player based experience sharing system.

Tips and stuff

  • Turret placement can be a deciding factor in a battle. Against most enemies placing pairs of turrets is the best method, but if they have a lot of area of effect abilities your turrets can be destroyed quickly.
  • Placing turrets in brush can lead to a surprise attack in your favor.
  • The blind component of Concussive Grenade is very important. It doesn't need to stun a target to be effective, so try hitting the ranged attackers in the back.

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