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Ryze the Rogue Mage

Usually played as
  • Top
  • Mid

Tips for Ryze

Spell Flux is exceptionally powerful against opponents standing in the middle of their minion waves.

Using Ryze's ultimate to farm creeps can lead to a large gold advantage.

Use Rune Prison to guarantee a hit with Overload.

Weaving Overload between other spellcasts while supercharged by Arcane Mastery allows Ryze to deal maximum damage during this period.

Tips against Ryze

Be cautious about engaging Ryze alone with less than full Health.

Cleanse and Banshee's Veil are especially effective defenses against Ryze.

Ryze can only lock down one player with Rune Prison. Attacking with friends is the most effective approach, but remember to avoid Spell Flux bouncing between you and your allies.

Ryze is strong against

Ryze is weak against

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