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Tristana, the Megling Gunner

Usually played as Adc, Mid

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How does it work ?


Every player acquires knowledge when playing League of Legends. Here this experience can be shared by voting for the champions that are strong or weak against the champion selected. You can also add new champions as the roaster grows and the meta evolves. This is an evolving and player based experience sharing system.

Tips and stuff

  • Her massive gun allows Tristana to fire on targets at a great distance. Utilize this to prevent your enemies from ever laying a hand on you.
  • Use Rocket Jump to leap over an enemy and then use Buster Shot to send them flying back to your allies, but be careful about using this strategy in large team fights.
  • Using the active ability on Explosive Shot can be useful early game to prevent the other team from healing or using health potions.

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