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Elise the Spider Queen

Usually played as
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  • Jungle

Tips for Elise

Spider Form is most effective at finishing off enemies with low health; Human Form's Neurotoxin does more damage to healthy foes.

When in Spider Form, Spiderlings will attack the target that Elise uses Venomous Bite on.

Elise's Spider Form and Spider Form abilities do not cost mana and can be prioritized when you are trying to conserve mana.

Tips against Elise

Elise's Spider Form is more dangerous when you are at low health, and her Human Form more potent when you are at high health.

Rappel will only move Elise straight up and down unless she can descend upon an enemy unit.

Rappel has a long cooldown. Elise is vulnerable after she has used it.

Elise is strong against

Elise is weak against

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