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Talon the Blade's Shadow

Usually played as
  • Top
  • Mid
  • Jungle

Tips for Talon

Noxian Diplomacy naturally works well with Cutthroat. Try activating Noxian Diplomacy before leaping on your opponent with Cutthroat.

Shadow Assault is a powerful escape tool, but can also be offensively used to assault a group.

Remember to pick your target before the fight. Focusing all of Talon's abilities on one target can be very rewarding, but splitting them up between many may leave you helpless.

Tips against Talon

Talon's attacks are all physical damage. Build armor early to counter his burst damage.

Talon is heavily reliant on Shadow Assault to escape a fight. When it is down he's significantly more vulnerable.

Talon has no healing or sustain abilities. Weakening him in lane could force him to return to base.

Talon is strong against

Talon is weak against

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