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Urgot the Headsman's Pride

Usually played as
  • Adc

Tips for Urgot

Prior to firing Acid Hunter, try hovering over an enemy afflicted by Noxian Corrosive Charge. Upon launching, the Acid Hunter will ignore all other enemies and fly directly to the corroding target.

Urgot is a great skirmisher. Try hitting his enemies with Noxian Corrosive Charge followed by multiple missile-locked Acid Hunters.

Tips against Urgot

Keep moving to avoid being hit by Urgot's Noxian Corrosive Charge. If you are afflicted by his corrosive charge, quickly move out of range to avoid his Acid Hunter Missiles.

Urgot gains slowing attacks while his Terror Capacitor shield is operational. Damage him enough to remove his shield so he loses this effect.

Urgot is strong against

Urgot is weak against

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