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Veigar the Tiny Master of Evil

Usually played as
  • Mid

Tips for Veigar

Use Event Horizon to increase your chances of landing Dark Matter.

Veigar is extremely Mana and Cooldown Reduction dependent. Try buying items with these stats in order to increase the effectiveness of your passive and Baleful Strike.

Veigar is very fragile. It is valuable to select at least one summoner spell that can be used defensively.

Tips against Veigar

Dark Matter deals very high damage, but it can be avoided. Pay attention to the sound and visual indicator to be aware of when and where the spell will land.

Event Horizon only stuns units on the edge. If you're inside the spell, you can still move and attack.

Veigar's ultimate deals increased damage based on your missing health.

Veigar is strong against

Veigar is weak against

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