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Warwick the Blood Hunter

Usually played as
  • Top
  • Jungle

Tips for Warwick

Warwick is a champion particularly well-suited for killing monsters in the forest. Hungering Strike can sustain your health, especially if you are able to get the Blue Sentinel's blue buff.

Warwick's ultimate can stack on-hit effects such as the Black Cleaver or Wit's End.

Tips against Warwick

Warwick is a very strong jungler. Wards can help you keep track of his position and enable ganks.

Warwick is a very strong 1v1 champion, especially late in the game, so stick with your teammates to make him less effective.

Warwick can solo the dragon on Summoner's Rift early, so try to prevent him from killing it throughout the game.

Warwick is strong against

Warwick is weak against

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